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  • Abarka — The abarka is the traditional footwear in Pyrenees. This sandal made in one piece of calf leather is tied by braided wool laces around the socks. They were supplanted by espadrilles and rubber sandals for agricultural activities, but remain used… …   Wikipedia

  • Abarka — Fermiers basques au Guipuscoa. L abarka est le soulier souple traditionnel du Pays basque et des Pyrénées. Elle est constituée d un chausson réalisé en une seule pièce de cuir que l on noue par des lacets en laine tressée montant sur les… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Peru Abarka — Peru Abarca Couverture de Peru Abarca Peru Abarca (1802) dont le titre complet est El doctor Peru Abarca, catedrático de la lengua bascongada en la Universidad de Basarte, o Diálogos entre un rústico solitario bascongado y un barbero callejero… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Soule — ( Zuberoa , Xiberu or Xüberoa in Basque, Sola in Gascon) is a former viscounty and French province and part of the present day Pyrénées Atlantiques département . It is divided into two cantons of the arrondissement (district) of Oloron Sainte… …   Wikipedia

  • Juan Antonio Mogel — was a Basque writer of the 19th century and author of one of the most important pieces of Basque classical literature, Peru Abarka . External links* [http://www.eibar.org/materixala/peru/mogel.html Juan Antonio Mogel] (in Basque) *… …   Wikipedia

  • Санчо II Абарка — баск. Antso II Abarka исп. Sancho II Abarca …   Википедия

  • Санчо II Абарка (король Наварры) — Санчо II Абарка баск. Antso II Abarka исп. Sancho II Abarca …   Википедия

  • Санчо II Наваррский — Санчо II Абарка баскск. Antso II Abarka исп. Sancho II Abarca Санчо II Абарка. Миниатюра из «Codex Vigilanus» …   Википедия

  • Footwear — consists of garments worn on the feet, for protection against the environment, and adornment. Socks and other hosiery are worn between the feet and the footwear, except for sandals and flip flops (thongs). Footwear is sometimes associated with… …   Wikipedia

  • Opanak — Traditional Serbian Opanci Opanci with flat end Opanak ( …   Wikipedia

  • List of Spanish words of Basque/Iberian origin — This is a list of Spanish words which are supposed to be of Basque, Iberian origin, or coming from some other pre roman language in the Iberian Peninsula. Some of these words existed in Latin as loanwords from other languages. Some of these words …   Wikipedia

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